Monday, August 16, 2010

Foundations Part 2...Moving!

With all of the other tumultuous happenings, some very exciting news to report from the past few weeks...

I, Jessica, am for the first time since my junior year of college (that's 4 years...oh my) am moving out of my parents' house. It's been a very foreign, but lusted-after concept for me for some time now. A few times I've come exceptionally close, but the timing, the finances, etc, were never right.

I knew I couldn't do it alone. Enter one of my favorite people in the world, randomly texting to see if I was considering moving. To be honest? I wasn't. Mostly because I didn't have anyone to move WITH, a roommate whose lifestyle would support my own, and whose presence would be a blessing. We said we'd start looking for a place. And the first place we looked at, we loved. It all seemed too good to be true. So we prayed. And then prayed some more. And while a few obstacles came up, the doors just opened. And it just seems RIGHT.

So much will have to change for career future, though it looks promising, is not yet guaranteed, so taking this step is in fact a HUGE leap of faith that I will be provided for and taken care of. I'll have to change the way I live in many ways, and learn to budget (a completely foreign concept to me, by the way) and prioritize. I'm sure I'll think differently a few months from now, but I see this as somewhat of an adventure. Maybe it's dating old men, or living with my folks, or something, but I seem to have a very distorted view of where I should be in my life right now. I'm not yet TWENTY-FIVE. If there was ever a time to experience the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, now is it. Before the husband and babies (God willing)...before I have mouths beside my own to feed, now is when I need to learn to live below my (meager) means. Of all the changes in the past few goodbye from one or two people that just can't be a part of me anymore, a new job, etc...This is the one change that catapults me into the realm of "right where I should be" and it's WONDERFUL, and it's SCARY, but it's REAL.

So here goes grown up life. Can't wait.


  1. I'm really happy for you Jess. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun in your new place! You'll have to have a house/apartment/etc. warming.

  2. Thanks Al!! I'm sure we'll do a housewarming or two, I will keep you the very least a girls' night, if I can talk you guys into coming over to the Eastside =)

  3. Absolutely. I can totally bus it over there if anything!