Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Love a Good Wedding!

Today, my wonderful friends James and Avery are saying I do!

I met Avery last November. She was a member of my church growth group...we were reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. I was at one of those really heartbroken times in life, feeling my prince would never come. And then Avery shows up and tells the group she's ENGAGED. I tried to be bitter and cynical, but you can't be that way around Avery. She's so immensely positive, and so grateful for the man and life she's been blessed with. She deserves all of that and more, and I am proud to call her my friend. I've never really had "couple friends" (perhaps this has to do with rarely being part of a functional couple myself? Hmmm) but once I met James, that was simply not the case anymore. He's the kind of loving, patient, funny guy we ALL look for...Living proof for Avery and for so many others that you never know what's waiting for you, what God has planned.

And here we are, 8 months later...I can't wait to watch this two people say yes to each other today, and see what their future brings! Love you guys!

Oh, and everyone...Happy Saturday!


  1. I love observing your growth through your blogs Jess. I'm talking complete growth;emotional and spiritual. You are right where you are suppose to be Jess, and I salute your desire to stand in God's ever present love for you. The challenge is to rest content and secure in that love. But restlessness and holy longing are also a part of the Creator's intention for us. It keep's us searching and moving forward to our ultimate completion, which is not in another person, but God alone. Having a helpmate and partner for the journey is one of those holy longings as well. He will come for you in God's time. In the mean time, thanks for your open heart Jess.

    Blessings of peace, Fr. H

    p.s. Please consider writing a book! You are a fantastic writer! Honest to God!!!

  2. Hi Fr!

    I didn't see this comment before! Sorry for the late reply...thank you so much for your support. It is always so encouraging, and means so much to me!